New Music Discoveries of the Week // 18TH AUGUST

Musical discoveries in the form of lovely music by new artists or new songs by old favourites. Basically consisting of whatever I have been playing to death this week. 

Samm Henshaw – Better

Samm Henshaw is the perfect blend of suave and soul. There is something that feels very gospel and raw about this track. The falsetto overlay to a much deeper, crooning vocal is really interesting to listen to, and basically just straight up flawless. This is everything I wanted Sam Smith’s album to be, and expected from it, instead of the dull crochet of pop ballads e got. Released on 14th August, this is the perfect new musical find to impress your friends with.

For fans of: Jake Isaac, Jack Garratt, the idea of Sam Smith 


Jeremih – 773 Love (Cashmere Cat Edit) 

I actually found this remix a month or so back, but I completely forgot about it until I opened my Soundcloud account today. Anyway, I really like this track, it has a definite Flume/Big Wild feel to it which I like, especially since I am not a huge fan of Jeremih (/that is a complete lie because I played Don’t Tell Em to absolute death) but I just really like the production of this.

For fans of: Flume, Big Wild, Mocki, Jeremih, MNEK 


Will Joseph Cook – Hearse 

I am in love with Will Joseph Cook, and I am really sad that I missed out on seeing his set at Somersault because it clashed with an interview I was doing. I love how different his stuff sounds sometimes when it is stripped back versus recordings as well. This is a stripped back performance of Hearse for The Mahogany Sessions (who do amazingly cool videos supporting loads of really cool up and coming talents).

For fans of: Noah and the Whale, Bright Eyes, Bleachers, Smallpools 


Jacob Banks – Say Something 

Cheating slightly here with /another/ Mahogany Session for you, but this is my favourite find of the past week or so, so I had to include it. I first heard Jacob Banks about this time last year when I was putting together a playlist for Fresher’s Week and we needed some fun, catchy pop stuff for daytime that preferably wouldn’t annoy people too much by having already been played to death. Enter Jacob’s debut single Move With You, a really fun, upbeat track with just the right amount of soul, and the most amazing baritone riffs. So when I noticed this pop up on my YouTube sidebar I recognised the name and gave it a click. I never really liked the original but this completely blew me away. There was just so much power behind his voice it gave me goosebumps, and still does every time I hear it.



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